Our Mission

We work to promote justice and peace for the vulnerable members of Canadian society. Our task is to generate unique relationship-building initiatives to promote justice and peace for local and global members of the human family. This is achieved by providing training and learning opportunities for leaders and service providers, including the recipients of these services. Our work is to raise the consciousness and awareness of   leaders and the marginalized to the unjust structures that harm people and encourage them to determine their own destiny and choose to transform their reality. This can be accomplished by creating opportunities for all to reflect and meditate on the human condition.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower and collaborate with the poor and those without a voice in society. By exploring local and global policies and practices that harm people, we are committed to creating Social Justice and peace for all.

Become Involved

You are invited to be involved and part of the work of the Centre. The Centre is open to all who aspire to reach out to the marginalized through increased awareness of the structures that harm people.

You can support the Centre by actively participating (speaking, attending) in projects. You can be helpful by providing some indirect help (formatting a newsletter, arranging for seminars etc.).

You can collaborate with us and others to promote justice and peace.

“It is a higher glory to procure peace by peace, not war”- St. Augustine

What we do

Organize: we work with people and groups to collaborate, share and arrange for social action

Facilitate:  we help groups discuss social justice issues, reach agreements, and work toward group cohesion

Educate:  we join in partnership with service providers to engage in authentic reflection and a constant unveiling of reality

Act:  we help groups to develop specific actions appropriate to the situation


Augustinian International Days of Prayer

The Augustinian Order marks in a special way the following days in conjunction with the United Nations. These are days to commemorate the intention for the day in solidarity and prayer.

  1. International Day for the Elimination of Racism – March 21. “We must speak out against anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry and other forms of hate. An assault on one minority community is an attack on all.” Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General United Nations.
  2. International Day of Families – May 15. Family-oriented policies can contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals relating to doing away with poverty and hunger; ensuring healthy lives and promoting of well-being for all ages; ensuring educational opportunities throughout the lifespan and achieving gender equality.
  3. World Environment Day – June 5. The booming illegal trade in wildlife products is eroding Earth’s precious biodiversity, robbing us of our natural heritage and pushing whole species towards extinction.
  4. International Day of Peace – September 21. Sustainability addresses the fundamental needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Modern challenges of poverty, hunger, diminishing natural resources, water scarcity, social inequality, environmental degradation, diseases, corruption, racism and xenophobia, among others, pose challenges for peace and create fertile grounds for conflict.
  5. World Food Day – October 16. World Food Day is a day of action against hunger. On October 16, people around the world come together to declare their commitment to eradicate hunger in our lifetime. Because when it comes to hunger, the only acceptable number in the world is zero.
  6. United Nations Day – October 24. “The United Nations works for the entire human family of seven billion people, and cares for the earth, our one and only home.”  Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General United Nations.
  7. Human Rights Day – December 10. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Bill of Human Rights, set out the civil, political, cultural, economic, and social rights that are the birth right of all human beings.