United Nations – “Gift Box” July 2015

Gift Box Kelly Colville, Director

GIFT Box is a global project that was launched by “Stop the Traffik” and “UN Gift” in 2012 and has introduced over 50,000 people in approximately 100 locations across 5 countries to the issue of human trafficking and inspired them to further action. This is the first Gift box to appear in Canada.

The Augustinian Centre was part of the Gift Box Traffik Committee called “Faith Alliance to End Human Trafficking”. The Gift Box was opened on July 7, 2015 at St. James Anglican Cathedral in Toronto remained there throughout the Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games in July and August in Toronto and surrounding area.

Through the Gift Box, visitors to the Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games in Toronto were able to share the stories of those who have experienced human trafficking first hand – and learn what can be done to end this situation.

The outer side of the box invites people inside to a better life, good job, and more money. When inside the box one reads the stories of those who have been trafficked, the atrocities that have been committed and some ways to begin to address the situation.

You can see some pictures of the gift Box as follows:

  1. The Gift Box
  2. The Gift Box Committee
  3. Gift Box Interior
  4. Gift Box Interior(a)
  5. Gift Box Interior (b)
  6. Brian Dwyer, Director, Augustinian Centre


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 Canadian Augustinian Centre Launch – January 2011

The formal launch of the Canadian Augustinian Centre for Social Justice took place on Wednesday January 12, 2011 at Regis College in downtown Toronto. A cross section of community members attended. These included members of the Church Hierarchy, clergy and religious as well as representatives from various advocacy groups, the legal profession, social work, education, private citizens, corporations and executives.

Please view some of the pictures of the launch event here: Canadian Augustinian Centre Launch Photos